Answers to Questions Homeowners Have About Their Home’s Plumbing

11 December 2015
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Keeping your home's plumbing in good repair is needed in order to avoid leaks, burst pipes, and other problems that can be very expensive and very difficult to fix. Not all plumbing problems you see around the home are as minor as you assume, whereas many of them are also not as major as you might think. Note a few answers to questions that homeowners often have about their home's plumbing and how to address certain problems you may face. Read More 

Does Your Drain Gurgle? What It Means, and What You Need to Do

20 October 2015
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When it's the sound of a happy baby or a gentle stream, a gurgling noise can be absolutely lovely. When the drains in your bathroom constantly gurgle, it can be a sign that something is wrong with your drainage. A small amount of gurgling can be perfectly harmless while the water drains, but if it happens loudly each and every time, and the sound lingers, then you need to investigate. It is often coupled with slow draining water. Read More 

Bathroom Plumbing: 3 Diagnosis Tips to Identify a Leak in Your Bathtub

7 October 2015
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The sound of a dripping tap or finding a puddle on your bathroom floor while showering is enough to drive you crazy because you know there's a leak, but you just can't seem to figure out where it is coming from. While you'll probably need to call a professional plumber to fix the leaking problem, you can undertake some diagnosis steps on your own to block the leak temporarily until the plumber gets there. Read More 

Four High-Tech Toilet Features and How to Inexpensively Add Them to Your Existing Toilet

23 September 2015
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A wide range of high-tech toilets offering everything from lights, to blood pressure exams, to built-in bidets, to SD slots for connecting external media, has recently hit the market. However, most of these toilets also carry high price tags. Luckily, if you want high-tech features, you don't' necessarily need to invest in a whole new toilet. Instead, you can modify your existing toilet. Depending on the features you want, take a look at these ideas: Read More 

Signs in Your Bathroom That You Require Professional Plumbing Services

16 September 2015
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One of the rooms in your home that is most likely susceptible to succumbing to wear and tear is your bathroom. Between the constant use of the sink, numerous daily showers and flushing the toilet, your plumbing will gradually be leaning toward repairs and replacement. With plumbing issues, it is always best to seek out the signs and have the problem addressed before it gets the chance to become exacerbated. Here are some of the signs to look out for to determine if you need to get in touch with a plumbing company. Read More