Bathroom Plumbing: 3 Diagnosis Tips to Identify a Leak in Your Bathtub

7 October 2015
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The sound of a dripping tap or finding a puddle on your bathroom floor while showering is enough to drive you crazy because you know there's a leak, but you just can't seem to figure out where it is coming from. While you'll probably need to call a professional plumber to fix the leaking problem, you can undertake some diagnosis steps on your own to block the leak temporarily until the plumber gets there.

Inspect the Bathtub Drain Closely

Your first step is to look at the bathtub drain to identify the leak source. Inspect the bathtub drain by plugging in the drain hole and filling the bathtub with water. Once the water is filled, let the water from the bathtub drain out and see what happens. If you notice water appearing outside the bathtub during the water drain process, there's most likely a leak in your bathtub drain piping. Avoid using the bathtub drain until the plumber fixes the problem.

Study the Overflow Drain Carefully for Worn Gaskets

The bathtub's overflow drain consists of a gasket component behind it. It is used to seal the overflow pipe of your bathtub to prevent leaks. Like any other rubber gasket, this component can dry or crack over prolonged use. Old gaskets become compressed and can no longer offer watertight seals. To check the overflow drain, you will need to refill the tub until it reaches the overflow drain.

If you are experiencing leaks in the surrounding area when the tub is full, it could be because of a worn out gasket in the overflow drain. To check the gasket, remove the screws that hold the overflow plate on the tub. If the gasket looks old and worn out, you will need to get it replaced by services like Haig & Menzel Contractors Pty Ltd. Use only your shower for the time being, until the new gasket is installed.

Check the Shower Head

If the problem isn't your bathtub drain, then check your showerhead. Remove the metal cover over the showerhead and run the water while inspecting the pipelines carefully with a flashlight to look for leaks. Leaks are commonly found in areas where the showerhead is attached to the wall or in the pipes leading to the showerhead. In most cases, it could be because the caulking has given way over time. Use duct tape to seal the leak until the plumber arrives to re-caulk the leaking area.

Hiring an experienced plumber will help you solve your bathtub leaking problems efficiently. You can use these tips to identify and fix the leak temporarily.