Four High-Tech Toilet Features and How to Inexpensively Add Them to Your Existing Toilet

23 September 2015
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A wide range of high-tech toilets offering everything from lights, to blood pressure exams, to built-in bidets, to SD slots for connecting external media, has recently hit the market. However, most of these toilets also carry high price tags. Luckily, if you want high-tech features, you don't' necessarily need to invest in a whole new toilet.

Instead, you can modify your existing toilet. Depending on the features you want, take a look at these ideas:

1. Hands-Free Flushing

Some high-tech toilets save your hands from coming into contact with the loo by offering hands-free flushing. Rather than pushing a lever, you wave your hand over the tank, and the toilet flushes for you.

Luckily, you can add this feature to your existing toilet. There are easy-to-install kits that fit into standard toilets to make them self flushing. The kits contain a sensor as well as the regular mechanical elements you need to flush a toilet.

2. Built-In Bidet

Some modern toilets offer a built-in bidet so you can feel clean and fresh after using the toilet. If you aren't ready for a new toilet with a built-in bidet, consider adding a bidet to your existing toilet.

You buy bidets that attach to the plumbing that runs into your toilet. They can come in almost any design including fancy chrome handles, and these spouts attach to the wall or the side of your toilet for easy storage. If you need help with installation, contact a company like Peninsula Plumbing S.A.

3. Deodorising Seats

New deodorising seats feature fans to draw in smelly air and cartridges to filter out its odors. You can buy a new toilet featuring one of these seats, or you can buy a deodorising seat on its own and connect it to your existing toilet.

Alternatively, you can save a little money, and just buy a deodoriser that plugs into an outlet or attaches to your wall.

4. Heated Seats

Heated seats, like deodorising seats, are available with high-tech toilets, but you can also buy them on their own and connect them to your existing toilet. The latter choice is cheaper if you are trying to save money.

However, if you decide that a heated seat is out of your budget, there are other options. Try replacing your porcelain or plastic seat with a wood or vinyl seat. Both of these materials hold onto their heat more effectively than hard plastic or porcelain seats. Alternatively, invest in a cushy toilet seat cover for the lid of your toilet, and keep it closed when not in use to lock in warmth.