Why Hire a Plumber to Install a Sump Pump?

8 June 2022
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If your basement floods, then a sump pump could help you manage the problem. While you might be thinking about installing the pump yourself, there are reasons to get a plumber to do this job for you. What are they are? 

Choose the Right Type of Pump

You can use different types of sump pumps in basements. While each type of pump does the same job, you should pick a model that suits your home's needs.

You might not know whether to go with a pedestal, battery backup, or submersible option. While you can read up on pumps and how they work, a plumber has expert knowledge that you won't have. They can make sure you get the right type of pump for your needs.

Get the Right Size of Pump

Sump pumps come in different sizes. Ideally, you want a pump that can efficiently manage water flow and keep it out of your basement.

If your pump is too small, then it won't clear water out fast enough. It will be overwhelmed by higher volumes. This won't be a problem if your pump is too big; however, you'll pay more for a pump you don't really need.

A plumber can size a pump for you. As well as the information you give them on your basement water problems, they also have local knowledge. For example, your plumber might know that homes in your neighbourhood flood regularly and that you need a bigger pump than you anticipated.

Find the Best Location For the Pump

To work efficiently, a sump pump should go in the lowest part of your basement. This spot might not be obvious if your floor looks flat and even all over.

If you choose the wrong location for the pump, then it can't work effectively. You could be left with standing water on the floor if your basement floods. You might need to dig up the pump, take it out and install it somewhere else.

Your plumber has the tools and expertise to find the lowest point on your basement floor. They can get the pump in the right place the first time.

Get a Fully Functional Pumping System

Even if you successfully dig a hole in your basement floor and install the pump, you won't necessarily know exactly how to connect it so that it works correctly. If your pump doesn't work, then it is of no use to you.

A plumber can do this job easily. Plus, good plumbers often guarantee their work, so if your pump develops a problem, any call-outs might be covered by your warranty.

To find out more, contact local plumbing services.