4 Advantages of a Gas Hot Water System

3 January 2022
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When installing a hot water system in a home, you can choose to use either gas or electricity to heat the water. Gas hot water systems have a number of advantages compared to electric water heaters. Here are a few of their most important benefits.

1. Faster Hot Water

In general, gas hot water systems are able to heat water more quickly than electric hot water systems. Gas water heaters burn gas to produce a huge amount of direct heat. In contrast, electric water heaters must rely on electrical resistance to generate heat, which is a much slower process. If you want to have hot water available soon after you turn on your water heater, then opting for a gas model is a good idea.

2. Tankless Models Available

As gas water heaters are able to heat water very quickly, they are suitable for use in tankless hot water systems. Whereas many hot water systems heat water and store it in a tank until you need to use it, a tankless hot water system heats water on demand when you turn on the tap. Tankless hot water systems are very convenient, but electrically powered ones can struggle to provide enough hot water, particularly if you live in a large household where multiple people want to use hot water at the same time. Gas water heaters work much better in tankless systems.

3. Lower Running Costs

Gas generally costs less than electricity as a fuel source for heating water. Although the relative prices of gas and electricity could change in the future, until now, gas has always been the less expensive option. Modern gas hot water systems are highly efficient, which helps to further lower the cost of creating a steady supply of hot water for your home. The upfront cost of the unit can be quite high, but over time the money you save by opting for a new, efficient gas hot water system could more than cover the cost of installation.

4. Easy Installation

Most homes have a gas line that supplies natural gas from the municipal network. As long as your home has a gas line, then the installation of a gas hot water system is quick and easy. A hot water plumber can fit your new gas water heater without causing significant disruption to your household. They can then show you how the unit works before they leave.