3 Signs It's Time for Hot Water System Replacement

16 August 2021
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When your hot water system breaks down, you have two choices: you can repair it or replace it. In many situations, a plumber can carry out a repair that solves whatever problem you are having. However, sometimes a repair can only solve the problem in the short term, and a more cost-effective option is to purchase a new water heater. Here are a few situations in which hot water system replacement can make more sense than a repair.

1. The Water Heater Has Reached Its Typical Lifespan

Each type of water heater has a typical lifespan that it can be expected to reach. Beyond that point, the water heater is probably going to keep breaking down. Older hot water systems are also much less efficient than newer models.

A good plumber can let you know how old your water heater is and how that compares to the typical lifespan for that model. If they recommend replacing it with a newer model, they should explain the reasons behind that decision. You can of course choose to get a second opinion or do your own research if you think that your water heater should still have a few years of life in it.

2. You Want to Use a Different Type of Hot Water System

Hot water system replacement is a great opportunity to change to a different method of heating water for your home. For example, if you currently use a gas or electric water heater, you might like to consider replacing it with a solar hot water system to save money and help the environment. Alternatively, you might like to switch your electric hot water system for a gas system to save money.

3. There Is a Leak in the Tank

While it is possible for a plumber to repair a leak in a hot water tank, the repair usually fails eventually. After some time, you can expect the tank to start leaking around the patch, at which point you will need to decide whether to repair it again or to replace it. Therefore, it can be more efficient to treat a leak in a hot water tank as a sign that it is time for hot water system replacement.

Of course, not every leak or every tank is the same. Therefore, you should ask your plumber to give you their opinion on how long a repair will last and whether hot water system replacement is a better option.