5 Plumbing Jobs You Can Do Yourself

8 February 2016
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For most everyday plumbing jobs, you don't need to contract a specialist. Whether it's fixing a leak or unblocking a drain, having a go at it yourself can save you a lot of money and helps to build up your DIY knowledge.

Fix a Leaking Tap

Fixing a leaking tap is a relatively easy job depending on the kind of tap you have. Usually, a slow leaking tap requires a replacement washer, but make sure you know the size and type of washer you need first before dismantling the tap. There is a lot of information online about different tap and washer types, including step-by-step videos and tutorials.

Unblock a Drain

When it comes to blocked and slow drains, half of the battle is prevention. For bathroom drains, use hair catchers and for kitchen drains, avoid washing grease and food items down the sink. If debris is blocking your drain, use a sink plunger or a cable auger, both of which can be purchased in general hardware stores. In some cases, a slow drain may be the result of a damaged or faulty plumping vent, which regulates the air pressure in pipes. Usually, this should be dealt with by a qualified plumber. 

Fix a Running Toilet

Usually, a running toilet is caused by a faulty stop valve or floater switch (sometimes called a floater valve or float cup). This is the large bulb in the cistern that stops the flow of fresh water once the tank is full. Sometimes a temporary fix involves jiggling the handle, though often the whole assembly will need replacing.

Caulk Bathtubs and Shower Units

You don't need a plumber to caulk bath tubs and showers. When buying caulk, ensure that you use the correct kind since there are many different types. Only use caulk that is intended for use with baths and showers. It is much better to spend a little more on a high-quality caulk that isn't going to need replacing again in a few years.

Install a Toilet

Perhaps you'd like to upgrade your existing toilet with a double flush to save on water. If so, installing a new toilet is much easier than it sounds. New toilets can be purchased in plumbing supply stores and there are plenty of straightforward guides online to help you. Ensure that you fit the main seal properly as improper industrial fittings may cause leaks and bad odours.