5 Problems You Should get Evaluated by a Professional Plumber

8 January 2016
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Many people are experienced amateur plumbers. Whether you've successfully unclogged a toilet, pulled hair from a drain, or tightened some fittings, it's likely you feel pretty content with fixing the odd simple plumbing issue. However, there are some plumbing problems which can't be fixed by an amateur, and there are some that simply shouldn't be attempted by an amateur. When dealing with something as relatively complex as plumbing, it is easy for things to go very wrong, very fast, or at least get worse than they were before. So, what are some plumbing problems you should leave to the professionals?

Installations or New Constructions

Any installations or new constructions past the degree of a tap replacement shouldn't be done by the inexperienced. It is too easy to waste money on wrong parts, cut holes in the wrong place, or find yourself halfway through a job one tool short of finishing. Also, plumbers are well read on the laws and regulations surrounding new constructions in Australia in general, and in your area.

Leaking Septic Tanks

Not only is septic material potentially very dangerous, working with a septic tank itself can also be extremely dangerous. How many people do you know that have any idea of how their septic system is designed, or even laid out? Plumbers, however, are well educated and experienced with these matters.

Water Heater Issues

Water heaters are complex and potentially extremely dangerous to the unexperienced, particularly gas water heaters. Do you really want to run the risk of burning your house down over a few dollars?

Frequently Clogging Drains

If one of your drains clogs, it's usually no issue. Pulling hair from a drain is nowhere near as risky as it is gross. However, if you can't unclog the drain by hand, harsh and expensive chemicals may need to be used. Use chemicals like these too much, and you can end up ruining an important part of your home's plumbing system, if the chemicals even work. Plumbers are experts within the realm of unclogging drains, and can quickly fix your problems from the origin itself.

Broken Piping

If a pipe is broken in your home, your home or its contents are getting wet, and you can't shut the water off at its source, then you should definitely call a plumber. Don't procrastinate in an attempt to fix it yourself to save a couple bucks, call a plumber and prevent further damage.