Top Tips When Buying A Swimming Pool Heat Pump

9 March 2021
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Would you want to heat your swimming pool? Swimming pool heat pumps are an effective way to warm your pool. The device has a working mechanism that is similar to that of an AC unit. Warm air surrounding the heat pump is sucked into the compressor, which creates a hot gas. This gas is pumped into a heat exchanger where it meets with cold water from the swimming pool. The gas warms the water, and the water flows back into the pool. Unlike conventional pool heaters, heat pumps are easy to install and require little maintenance. Besides, they are cheap and environmentally friendly. 

Below is an excerpt detailing the considerations to make when buying a heat pump to warm your swimming pool. 

Choose The Right Size

It is a vital consideration when buying a swimming pool heat pump. A small pump will take hours to heat your pool. On the other hand, a large pump could be costly. As such, you will need an expert to calculate the British thermal units (BTU) required to heat your pool. Typically, the professional will need to calculate the volume of water in your pool. However, external factors such as the temperature of the surrounding air, humidity, and the desired temperatures will significantly affect the size and power of the swimming pool heat pump. 

Quality Of The Swimming Pool Heat Pump

As a buyer, you want to purchase quality equipment that will give you value for your money. For instance, you should check whether the heat pump is weatherproof if you will place it out in the open. Besides, you would want to know the energy efficiency rating of the heat pump. A five-star rating is a guarantee that the heat pump consumes minimal energy. You should also check the manufacturer's warranty. Go for heat pumps that have many years of warranty. 

Work With Reputable Suppliers 

You will find many suppliers selling your preferred swimming pool heat pump. However, how do you choose one supplier over the other? Below are some tips: 

  1. Examine the supplier's catalogue. Consider those that have a wide array of products and the most recent models. It allows you to compare and contrast the various products.
  2. Check the supplier's pricing. Consider suppliers who are ready to give discounts to their customers.
  3. Ask whether the supplier offers after-sales services such as shipping and installation.
  4. Work with a manufacturer-accredited supplier. In case the heat pump breaks down, the supplier will provide free repairs or replace the heat pump. 

You now have an extensive understanding of how heat pumps work and the factors to consider when buying a swimming pool heat pump. Choose the right pump size, go for durable products and work with reputable suppliers. 

For more information, reach out to a swimming pool heat pump supplier today.