Blocked Drains | 3 Evident Signs Of Blocked Drains In Your Home

14 January 2016
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Drains can get blocked for a bevy of reasons –– from rust accumulation and sanitary products to tree roots and cracked pipes. Drains also commonly get clogged because of excessive hair running through them. While blocked drains can occur inside or outside the home, this guide is designed to help you identify evident signs of blockages inside your home.

Gurgling Noises

If you hear gurgling noises in your toilet when you flush it or when you open the tap in your kitchen and bathroom sink, then it could be because of blocked drains in your home. You may also hear gurgling noises when you use your laundry, bathtub or shower. Gurgling noises or bad odours could also emanate from the floor drain inside your bathroom when you run the taps. All these are signs that you may be facing a drain venting issue, a partial drain block, a deteriorating septic system or a drain odour problem inside your home. If the gurgling noises get more regular, then call a drain cleaning plumber immediately to unclog any blockage before the damage inside your home becomes too severe.

Strange Occurrences in the Toilet Bowl

If the water level of your toilet bowl rises above or falls under normal levels when you flush, then it could be a sign of blocked drains inside your home. Partial or complete objects appearing in the toilet bowl like tissue paper, baby wipes, sanitary products and other items are also indicators of blocked drains. In some cases, flushing will not only cause water levels to rise in your toilet bowl, but it can also cause wastewater to flow into your bathtub or shower. If the toilet bowl water overflows into your bathroom, you may have to call an emergency drain cleaning plumber to sort out the problem of blocked drains as soon as possible.

Slow Draining of Your Kitchen or Bathroom Sink

Slow draining of a bathroom or kitchen sink is one of the most common signs of blocked drains. This may not seem like a problem initially, but it progressively gets worse in time. Slow drainage also occurs in shower stalls, causing water to accumulate while you use it. Sluggish water drainage from showers and laundries are also signs of blocked drains in your home. You will need the services of a professional drain cleaning plumber to unclog your drains before your bathroom gets flooded.

Blocked drains can lead to unpleasant odours and other plumbing problems, so make sure you tackle this problem as soon as you notice any of these signs.